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Dating women 19781216

In response, Lupin's gang is attacked by Mamo's forces before finding their hideout destroyed by his henchman, Flinch.

Jigen and Goemon blame the hideout's destruction on Fujiko, before quarrelling between themselves; Lupin calms the others by promising to abandon his desires for Fujiko.

The USAF attacks the base, having tracked Jigen and Goemon to the island.

Jigen rescues Lupin and Fujiko and seemingly kills Mamo in a shootout, while Goemon duels with Flinch.

Inspector Zenigata travels to Castle Dracula to confirm the execution of his longtime nemesis Arsène Lupin III; the body he finds is a decoy that is being used by another Lupin to flee from the castle.Fujiko drugs Lupin before Flinch arrives to take them to Mamo.Jigen later returns to find the plane leaving, but retrieves a clue to its destination.With nowhere else to go, they travel toward the ocean before finding a house with food and water.A wounded Fujiko comes for Lupin, forcing him to go against his promise and causing Jigen and Goemon to abandon them.Zenigata travels to Egypt, believing that Lupin will raid the Giza Necropolis based on prior thefts of immortality-granting objects.His prediction proves accurate, but Lupin and his colleagues Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII flee with the Philosopher's Stone.Lupin realizes that Mamo had controlled his clones resembling his body just as the rocket launches into space.Lupin and Fujiko escape the rocket's trajectory, but not before Lupin plants an explosive on it.The Mystery of Mamo, also known as The Secret of Mamo, is a 1978 Japanese animated science fiction adventure comedy film; it is the first animated film of the Lupin III franchise created by manga author Monkey Punch.The film was originally released Japan as Lupin III to differentiate it from other elements of the franchise.


  1. Jack Krizmanich, born December 16, 1978 in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, is an American actor who.

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