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Cats intemidating each other

When he awoke from the omnitrix, he made his introduction in the form of a rap, though it was really bad, it caused Bella and the others to laugh at his attempt (much to his disappointment causing him to go into a emo corner complaining about a tough crowd).Killer Bee is a master swordsman and is capable of wielding seven swords at once, and is fast and quick striking with his swords.

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Along with that, Yugito is capable of manipulating Nibis demonic Chakra to encase herself in a cloak in order to damage her opponents, as well as extend her nails to be a weapon as well as control Nibis blue hellfire flames (which is the hottest fire in all of the cartoon realm)Holder of the three tailed demon turtle, and former Mizukage of the Village hidden in the mist, Yagura is a calm and calculating young man, who has a good hold of control of his tailed beast, but both halves were driven mad when Mandera used his Sharingan eye to induce nightmare hallucinations which drove Yagura to trigger the mist blood purge wars, that nearly drove to the extinction of several blood line users of mist.

He is also the Tsuchikage's younger brother, but he was selected to be the host of Son Goku when he rampaged into the hidden rock village.

Despite his appearance, Roshi is a lot older than he looks, however the four tails slowed his ageing process making him look younger.

Roshi is looked up as a jii-san figure due to his understanding to the other Jinchuuriki or his fellow kinsmen, and does not harbor a heavy grudge against humanity for not understanding him or treating him like the beast in him, and tries not to allow the hatred to take over and consume him, and with that he tries to teach the others how to tame there Bijju as well.

Where his Omnitrix symbol is: his right shoulder in his human form, center of his chest in his Bijuu form Container of the Five tailed dolphin horse, and a shinobi of Iwa, the village hidden in the stone, and nephew of Roshi and Tsuchikage.


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