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I will not say much on the key part of the argument that I share with the amazing Hayat and others that the constitution is the preamble and in our case, it establishes a spooky nation ruled by the dead who run the living through proxies called “tegadelti”.What I would like to add to this line is the key concern that many of the ELF guys had about the legitimacy of the constitution, based on the claim of restrictive participation that Ismael and Emma hammered enough.Remember, the constitution commission that many tend to drum and “wa Ta” today was composed of two groups. What these two groups have in common is the Hobbesian conviction that in the absence of an iron fist, Eritrean Christians and Muslims will end up ravaging one another and life in the country that we paid so much to achieve will be “nasty, brutish and short”. The constitution, through excessive emphasis on ‘national unity’ defines and institutionalizes the relative political jurisdictions of those legal entities.An Eritrean is not an individual – he/she is either a Christian or a Muslim and only Christians and Muslims are Eritrean citizens.Things were a little too fast to follow but too emotional to ignore.

What would have changed here, I think is our understanding what we mean by martyrs and who the presumed proxies would have turned out to be. Let us get into the articles section and this is specially to drag my friend SAAY into the subject a little deeper.

This very experience is reflected in the way the 1997 constitution conceptualizes ‘democracy’ and distinguishes it from ‘development’. The bottom line is: unless explicitly stated, this assumption ends up contaminating every aspect of good will in the text.

The democracy that the constitution intends to establish is very different from the liberal democracy whose backbone is individual liberty that you have in mind. It was composed of crusaders of the Orthodox church and Wahabies of the Saudi school. The impact in our case can be seen in the fact that what the 1997 constitution views are ‘democracy’ is a framework that regulates competition between two and only two legal entities called Christians and Muslims.

This should also not be taken personal to the good man whose name we implicitly keep dragging into the dirt. The comments revealed two brands of discussants: those whose comprehension is limited to the text and those who tend to see meaning in the context.

The intent is identical: we all want a constitution that works.


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  3. Here is a follow-up on “gual mengedi” – the constitution. I will stick to word limit and make it short. Maybe I should just have posted it as comment. Anyway.

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