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Japan is much more a culture of introductions, swapping email addresses and business cards, than it is picking up dates in bars.In a large city like Tokyo, where people are generally more "forward thinking", dating couples will often book into a "love hotel", a place geared specifically for romantic situations and usually equipped with a bath large enough for two people, video games, karaoke machines and other forms of entertainment.Sex and sexuality is less frowned upon in Japan than it is in western countries such as the USA.Japan does not have a Christian history with its attached morals that place a somewhat undue sense of "wrong" on what many countries see as very natural occurrences.Many Japanese people do in fact accept that physical interest is part of the attraction.Having said that, this does not mean all Japanese women will jump straight into bed at the drop of a hat, many can be extremely conservative when it comes to dating, but do recognize that sex is a natural part of life if dating develops into a relationship.

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The innocence and reputation of Italian girls has always been carefully protected, and it was in the best interests of a man that bad words not get around about him.

This is almost a subconscious act that many westerners may consider pointless bragging, when it is not.

This kind of conversation will often happen at "blind date parties" () where friends arrange for other friends to meet up to see if they like each other.

It also becomesmore difficult for anyone to step out of line.

Newcomers canget to know each other in a natural context and observe the others' behavior with out having to penetrate amyriad of facades.


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