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Nothing to pay adult chat uk

In the same series are Unicorns are Jerks and Dinosaurs With Jobs.Housing Benefit helps people with a low income to pay their rent.It’s paid by your local authority, and you can get it whether you’re in or out of work.

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If you live in social housing (council or housing association), then the maximum amount of Housing Benefit you can get will be the same as the rent that you pay.

If you have another adult living in your home who’s not your partner, or paying their own rent to the landlord, then they’re classed as a ‘non-dependant’.

(This could be a friend or family member.) They would normally be expected to make a contribution to the rent, which may reduce the amount of Housing Benefit you’re entitled to.

If you’re not claiming any of these benefits, you need to contact the Housing Benefit Department of your local authority and ask how to claim.

If you’re in Northern Ireland, you need to contact the Housing Executive.


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