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G reit liquidating trust

This covers the costs of maintaining and administering an account during the accumulation phase.

It is often waived, however, when an account's value reaches a certain level (which is stated in the contract). When someone who has been investing in an annuity retires, the built-up capital is annuitized and a payout schedule is selected according to need.

A form of variable annuity contract with no initial sales charge, but if the contract is canceled, the holder pays deferred sales charges (usually from 5 to 7 percent the first year, declining to zero after from five to seven years). An open- or closed-end investment company that charges a fee upon the redemption or sale of its fund shares.

Typically, loads are reduced based on the value of the shares and/or the passage of time. A mutual fund that purchases common stock, preferred stock and bonds.

Unit values and variable annuity payments will depend on the value of the underlying investments.

An annuity that pays income for a fixed number of years regardless of whether the insured lives or dies.

The value inherent in an annuity to the annuitant if (s)he does not surrender the contract.

A method of portfolio management that allows investors to determine an appropriate portfolio mix to produce the maximum reward given the level of risk they are willing to accept.For example, an immediate monthly annuity would begin payments to the annuitant one month after the premium was paid and the contract issued.A deferred annuity is one in which payments to the annuitant are delayed to a specified future date, usually called the annuity date.It is an estimated return for the separate account.Monthly annuity payments are based on the AIR in relation to the actual rate of return experienced by the separate account of a variable annuity.Prior to the annuity date, during the accumulation phase of the contract, the cash values of the annuity accumulate tax deferred, with specific contractual guarantees and at competitive interest rates.During the payout phase, a fixed annuity will ultimately pay out the accumulated value in regular installments varying only with the payout method selected.It involves assigning a percentage weight to various asset classes – in combination they are called a portfolio.A broad group of assets that corresponds to a traditional investment objective -- such as growth, income or stability.Stocks represent the asset category for growth, bonds for income, and cash equivalents for stability.An assumed value which is assigned to the annuitant's account during the annuity period.


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