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Act intimidating

When acts of intimidation or abuse took place in the office, some reported that perpetrators were dismissed from their jobs or reprimanded.

Impact of Intimidation, Threats and Abuse When asked to describe the effect of “intimidation, threats and abuse,” respondents said they were concerned for their personal security and in some instances became depressed and experienced psychological trauma.

When perpetrators were members of the government or officials, reported incidents typically included threats of imprisonment or detention, blackmail and public defamation.

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An American journalist working in the Middle East recalled entering an Orthodox Jewish community to report and being told to leave or face stoning.

An American journalist wrote: “After reporting…harassment and intimidation, I was the one sent home and removed from my normal responsibilities. Embarrassing details about my personal life were dragged out and discussed by my supervisors.

The HR department ruled against me based on incorrect factual information, and I appealed the decision.

For all acts defined in this section, the main perpetrators were male (63.6%/1029 of 1617 reported incidents where perpetrator’s sex was cited).

Reporting Intimidation, Threats and Abuse Respondents were asked if they reported any acts of “intimidation, threats and abuse” to their employers, police or another authority (selecting multiple options was possible).


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