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Hence, the name "hurricane roulette," since it usually takes longer than 5 days for a hurricane to cross the Atlantic.After the hurricane seasons we had in 20, it's hard to imagine a "good year" for hurricanes, but treating the threat like roulette in a year with a relatively less active hurricane season has been known to happen.In 2001 school district staff conducted telephone interviews with 95 randomly selected parents approximately 5 months following their child's contact with the district's suicide prevention program, a School Gatekeeper Training model.Parents provided information regarding service use, their child's depressive symptoms (using the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children Predictive Scale, Depression module), and their perceptions of their child's need for services.If the property was at high risk on the FHBM and is now in the SFHA on the FIRM (and thus, there is no change--change being the key to applying the exception), that policy is subject to the 30-day waiting period.There is no waiting period when an existing policy is assigned to a purchaser of improved real estate.

Or may the borrower wait until the flood policy renews to increase the amount of coverage?Now, unless there is an assignment of the policy from the seller to the buyer where the purchaser does not obtain a mortgage, a 30-day wait is required.The General Conditions article of the Standard Flood Insurance Policy form contains an assignment provision--"D.This also applies to lender placement, increased limits at renewal, and map revisions.Applying the Exceptions Following are two examples of how the exceptions to the 30-day waiting period may get a little tricky.Policyholders in Regular Program communities are eligible for the maximum amount of NFIP flood insurance available.Usually when a community changes from the Emergency Program to the Regular Program, its map changes from a Flood Hazard Boundary Map (FHBM) to a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).However, applying this "basic" rule can be a little complex, so let's take a look at the background of the 30-day rule and what its exceptions are. The National Flood Insurance Reform Act (NFIRA) of 1994 lengthened the waiting period required before an NFIP policy can go into effect from 5 to 30 days.This 30-day wait is for "coverage under a new contract for flood insurance" and "any modification to coverage under an existing flood insurance contract." The express intent of Congress in mandating a 30-day waiting period was to prevent the purchase of flood insurance just before a flood hits.The FHBM is a basic "in-or-out" map, showing only areas at high and low flood risk, while the FIRM has a variety of risk zones clearly delineated.So, if the property in question was shown as a moderate risk on the FHBM but is now in the SFHA on the FIRM, a lender would apply only a 1-day waiting period for the purchase of the higher amount of insurance.


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