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Dating paragon 74 0005 transit

MILVETS Systems Technology, Inc., B‑411721.2, B-411721.3, Jan. The sole basis for 4Hs challenge to the government estimate as unrealistically low is its contention that the agency did not use a realistic price for diesel fuel in calculating the estimate.The record shows that 4H first learned of the diesel fuel price used by the agency in its calculations when it received the agencys September 8 letter denying its agency-level protest.

Regarding the protesters first argument, once bids have been opened, award must be made to the responsible bidder with the lowest responsive bid, unless there is a compelling reason to reject all bids and cancel the IFB. In this case, the agency had several compelling reasons for cancellation. The Corps argues that the mobilization and demobilization CLINs in the August 24 IFB required revision because the solicitation was ambiguous as to how the successful contractor would be paid for these services.

Additionally, had the protester exchanged its bid estimate and the government estimate with the agency at that time, both parties would have had the necessary information to engage in a frank and detailed discussion regarding the propriety of their respective estimates.

In the final analysis, the protester failed to provide--and receive--the information that could have allowed the parties to resolve their disagreement before the agency expended resources defending its position.

Despite its arguments now, GLDD initially refused to extend its bid for 60 days, and agreed only to a 30-day extension, which it later extended to 60 days.

While the protester apparently believes that the Corps should continue to seek an indefinite number of bid extensions, we believe that the agency acted reasonably here and was not required to do more.


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