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Are damian and hannah dating

Miss Maltby said he mentioned that his wife was 'very understanding' and she then 'felt a fleeting hand against my knee – so brief it was almost deniable'.

She added: 'He was a university contemporary of my mother.

A Downing Street spokesman said Mrs May had asked Sir Jeremy to 'establish the facts and report back as soon as possible'.

Twitter and Facebook were last night accused of fuelling the Westminster witch-hunt after they refused to remove copies of the sex dossier circulating on their websites.

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A source claimed the text exchanges, which date back to his return to Cabinet in June last year, were 'all initiated by her' and had 'the tone of messages between two friends'.

The document includes numerous unproven claims about ministers.

Yesterday, the MPs involved were considering legal action against the firms for allowing it to circulate.

He is said to have sent her a text message saying: 'Long time, no see.

But having admired you in a corset in my favourite tabloid, I feel impelled to ask if you are free for a drink any time?


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