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Internet dating fraud statistics

It means that you take someone else’s credit card and use it as your own (yahoo, 2008).

Credit card fraud is a term for theft and fraud to use a credit card or as a fraudulent source of funds in a transaction.

North America — One percent of all transactions were fraudulent, with Mexico leading the list.

Like Europe, fraudulent transactions from North America were spread across a diverse group of industries including retail, gaming, financial services, travel and logistics.

Asia — Five percent of all transactions were fraudulent, with higher than normal percentages from Bangladesh, Vietnam and India.

Nearly half of all fraudulent transactions targeted retail websites, with online dating and massively multiplayer online gaming fraud making up a solid third.

Looking back at the recent history of technological innovations, the mid-1990s is generally considered the period of time during which the Internet revolutionized the way we do business.

The ability to sell goods and services across vast distances and international borders with just the tap of the keyboard or a click of a mouse created almost endless opportunities for businesses large and small.

Fraud examiners working with corporations who do business across international borders should take heed of this current landscape to better understand the threats most likely to surface: Africa — Seven percent of all transactions were fraudulent, with the highest percentages from Nigeria and Ghana.

The strengthening of internal controls and performance measures can reduce the amount of fraud and increase quality services to the nation’s most vulnerable children and families.

Head Start, an anti-poverty program that dates to the 1960s, provides preschool, social and health services to more than 900,000 children and their families.

The adverse impact on Health South stakeholders will be discussed along with an analysis of the judicial outcome and fairness of punishments, with a conclusion on how ethics played a role in the government’s responsibilities and actions....

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