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Birth announcements, marriage notices and obituaries are the most obvious but there are other areas that a newspaper can help you with.You can find: In my earlier article on how to date old photographs, I mentioned that you should see what kind of photo it is in the first place.Even if you don’t immediately know the years of your relatives births, at least record the month and day if you know it. Vital records are the absolute cornerstone to any genealogy research so you really need to have a good understanding of these documents and what you can learn from them.The term refers to any files that pertain to a vital event in someones life, such as birth, death or marriage. These will create the basic framework when putting someone’s life together.Census records are a valuable and unique form of genealogy resource and its certain that you’ll be using them at some point in your research.Knowing what they contain and how they work is a good first step.Some of the 1790 census records have been lost or destroyed over the years and are no longer available.

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It's been in all of the versions of the program that I can remember, but rarely is it talked about, except the end user asks, "Why won't the date I entered remain the way I entered it?Individual courthouses or even churches may have documentation that is older.Most vital records in Alabama will range from 1908, though some counties will have records older than that (back to 1880 if you’re lucky).And each of these types of documents can provide a lot more information than just a name and an event date.Some vital records can give you loads of data, but the specifics will vary from area to area since these are not standard documents in any way.The size, format, paper type and other little factors can help you figure out its age.Now I’ll get into a little more detail so you can establish what kind of photo you have.In America, there have been national census counts since 1790 and there has been one every 10 years since then.They are not all available online, but you can find many years in searchable or transcribed databases.The purpose is to create an ongoing resource for the whole family, not just something your your immediate genealogy needs. The very first step for getting started in genealogy is record what you already know. Take notes with printed pedigree sheets or start using a software program.You’re getting interested in finding out more about your family tree, your ancestors and all things genealogical? Fill in all the names and dates that you already know.


  1. Your guide to genealogy and dates. When you look at records from other countries, you should be aware of the date format that they use. Other countries changed.

  2. Genealogy double dating. Driver said having her son Henry made her want to find out more about her late father's life through the genealogy TV show - which will be.

  3. Dual dating is the practice, in historical materials. The need for double dating arose from the transition from an older calendar to a newer one.

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