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Even young children recognize that the on-screen personality is not actually speaking to them.There is no weight, no social contingency, to their success or failure to respond, and they are therefore less engaged with such media.The draw of digital video is not social alone, though.There’s also a solid psychological basis behind its success.We don’t even have to craft an email, painstakingly edited for appropriate tone and syntax, though I'm sure we'll miss those days fondly.Instead, we can sit in our home or office and speak face-to-face across the world, with much less effort and much more comfort than ever before. Their world is more tumultuous, more international, more connected than ever before, and they are making choices that reflect that position.As such a massive market demographic, it’s no wonder that their interests drive trends, but it is surprising how many social formats have reaped the benefits.

Think of a children’s television show in which the host will “address the camera…pause for a few seconds, and then respond” as if to a child on the other side of the broadcast (Roseberry et al., 2016).

With video chat, however, people of all ages recognize subtle clues that indicate a direct connection across time and space.

Toddlers taught via interactive video are exposed to social contingencies similar to those of live interactions and therefore acquire language more quickly than those exposed to prerecorded video (Roseberry, et al., 2016).

In a stratified global world, nothing is as powerful.

The aptitude Millennials demonstrate for familiar technologies has played an instrumental role in the rapid diversification of the digital video sector.


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