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Im dating a guy with a kid

Right off the bat, there are many reasons why it’s not ideal to date someone with a child.After all, it’s not just the fact that you have to make it work with the person you’re dating and the child that comes along with him or her, but you also have to deal with the ex who is the other parent to that child."The situation is so different depending on your partner, their children, and the relationship they have with their ex," says Dawn Michael, Ph D, a sexologist and relationship expert based in California.

Prior to meeting this new person, did you know that you wanted kids?

"Be clear on what the roles are so that no one feels threatened." Dr.

Michael says that assumptions lead to miscommunication, which can be doubly disastrous when there are young kids involved.

Communication is also important for another reason: At some point, you'll need to make sure that your role in the children's lives is clear.

"You never want to assume you're taking on the role of a biological parent," says Yamonte Cooper, Ed D, a licensed professional clinical counselor based in California.


  1. I'm thinking of workaholics, angry/bitter-prone personalities, and impulsive, always-looking-for-the-party personalities. These types typically don't have a significant part of their personalities that is nurturing. These men and women can and often do have children, but they usually find another partner to do the nurturing or.

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