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T v comic dating staffer

Sharing personal information is step one in the hater manual.If you are someone who tells the truth, regardless of the subject matter, it will question people’s beliefs and world view.In my European trip I misunderstood the Schengen tourist visa rules until I had already overstayed.I was aware that I may be hit with a fine or an outright ban for 1-3 years, a penalty I was mentally preparing for.When Big Gay Rob published my name I wanted to crush his skull, but today if I see him I’d shake his hand.There was opportunity in the crisis he created for me that took a few years to germinate.Kirchstrae 5-7, (now Tpferstrae 7/49) Hhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia. He founded his company in 1857, possibly on an existing family pottery business that dated back as far as 1810. He was father of Alois Jacob Gerz of marketing organisation between 1912-1918. There is a new company, of the same name, but owned by Domex, currently in Hillscheid, Rhineland Palatinate. Hoflieferanten des Herzogs von Nassau / Supplier to the Dukes of Nassau Simon Peter Gerz I was born on 13th September 1830.

The main lie used on me is that I’m a rapist who consciously spreads STDs to women. Recently I read the story of a hater contacting all the female Facebook friends of a certain PUA saying he has STDs, takes advantage of women, and so on.

I was not personally prepared for step three, which is to get the authorities involved.

Now I must stress that I’m pissed at myself for letting a hater get leverage on me, but it happened so I had to deal with it.

One night in the club, towards the end of my stay in Tartu, I noticed two girls looking at me and talking. I felt heavy vibes as they briefly discussed what to do, but I maintained the best poker face I could.

It was obvious that one of them knew me and was telling the other about who I was. They asked for my name and I give my full name, not Roosh. One of the officers looked at my name and squinted his eyes, like he was trying to figure things out. The guy I bought a shot for came to my defense, saying I’m a “good guy.” The blonde girl also watched with a concerned look on her face.


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