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The conspiracy included a troubled trio of Americans, each a terrorist wannabe: La Rose; a Colorado woman named Jamie Paulin Ramirez; and a Maryland teenager named Mohammed Hassan Khalid. Her sentencing was recently rescheduled to May 7 from December 19.

Since the 9/11 terror attacks, the FBI has investigated hundreds of cases similar to the Jihad Jane conspiracy.

At the time, she was in Amsterdam on vacation with her longtime boyfriend, Kurt Gorman, and the two were arguing.

They had dated for five years and were living in suburban Pennsylvania.

Khalid, a troubled high school honor student who lived with his parents in Maryland, inadvertently linked his secret jihadist blog to a page on his school website.

Ramirez, a lonely Colorado woman known as Jihad Jamie, headed to Europe to train for holy war.

And days before returning from Europe to America, she emailed the FBI -- to see whether the government might spring for her airfare home.

“I just loved my brothers so much, when they would tell me stuff, I would listen to them, no matter what,” she says. lost.” Indeed, just weeks into her jihad, she became homesick.

Among them: how La Rose, Khalid and Ramirez became radicalized; how they found one another; how they repeatedly bungled the plot that authorities say posed a “very real danger;” and how they came to sacrifice everything for a group of strangers who promised immortality but delivered ignominy.

“Jihad Jane is a perfect figure in some ways because it’s like a soap opera,” says her intended victim, the artist Vilks.

She was lured to Ireland by a Muslim man promising a pious, married life but soon came to believe that all he really sought was a cook, a maid and a sex slave.

Perhaps most intriguing is the story of La Rose, the aspiring assassin whose devotion and naiveté left her susceptible to recruitment but prone to failure.


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  2. Aug 7, 2017. German teen Linda Wenzel was captured in the war-torn city by Iraqi troops Image Live Leak. She was caught after running. She was said to have fallen in with ISIS offshoot groups through speaking to extremists via internet chat rooms before being smuggled into Iraq. Radicalised in Germany, she.

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