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To showcase Nerd Nite for this new audience, NN Chicago has lured/coerced/tricked some of our favorite veteran speakers in from New York, Toronto, and Chicago’s own Printer’s Row.Despite New York City having one of the largest lesbian and bi populations in the world, the "City With Everything" seems to have a pretty major void when it comes to bi and lesbian dating services and singles gatherings, yet alone “niche” events for this growing demographic.Tsunami, earthquake,hurricane, and typhoon all rolled in one, Godzilla, “King of the Monsters,” has both plagued and benefited humanity for over half a century.

Children are also discovering the truth about Santa at around the same time they are starting to understand that some lies, like Santa lies, are told with good intentions.

We will have 16 tables to support designers each night.

Tickets for this event will go on private sale for for each table once we have chosen the attendees.

Research in the field of developmental psychology suggests that such fantastical beliefs are not actually harmful, but are associated with a number of positive developmental outcomes— from exercising the 'counterfactual reasoning skills' needed for human innovation to boosting emotional development.

It might be a good idea to give modest gifts from Santa and save the big ones for parents, because no matter what your family income, every child deserves to feel loved by Santa on Christmas morning.


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