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It’s since added another carrier, Airtel, as well as several lenders. According to Stubbs, the company has helped approve more than 400,000 loans so far.

The service reduces lending costs through better segmentation of customers.

Password-protect every device you own — smartphone, PC, laptop and tablet — with a PIN that isn’t among these commonly used and most-often hacked: 0000, 1111, 1212, 1234, 2580 (middle column of phone keypad) or 5555. Posted: 11/24/2017 by Sid Kirchheimer | 0 If “smart toys” are on the holiday wish list of the children in your life, know this: The FBI warns that such interactive, internet-connected gifts could be compromised by cyber hackers, and it advises that security precautions be taken before playtime begins.

Although the bureau doesn’t identity specific risky products, it says that “these toys typically contain sensors, microphones, cameras, data storage components, and other multimedia capabilities — including speech recognition and GPS options.

Posted: 12/30/2017 by Sid Kirchheimer | 0 The Christmas rush may be over, but don’t expect crooks to slow down.

Omidyar-backed Cignifi does something similar, though its service is in the form of leads for lenders to follow up, not a real-time system for approval.“We’ll find that the top 50% of borrowers by score will represent under 1% of losses for a bank,” Stubbs says.

“In developing countries, when every customer applies the same way, and with the same evaluation process, it results in higher interest rates for everyone,” she says.

Lenders can approve the least risky customers quickly, minimizing costs for that group.

They may be ideal applicants, with regular income and the willingness to repay. If you’re on the outside the financial system, you don’t have a credit history that a loan officer can refer to; you may not have much documentation at all. You’re excluded from the financial system because you’re excluded from the financial system.

It’s this problem that Nicole Stubbs has been trying to address with First Access, a New York startup that mines alternative financial data, including mobile phone payment histories.“Poorer people are not necessarily higher credit risks but, because they can’t prove it, they end up paying much higher interest rates.


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