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He was a physical specimen of a villain that only his pet director, Quentin Tarantino, might have dreamed up. With all that money, you’d think he could have engaged the services of a personal trainer, a cosmetician, perhaps even a plastic surgeon to buff off the rough edges.But, perhaps, unlike everybody else in show business, he was comfortable being himself.I’m always looking for more and better information and am all ears if you have links to these kinds of studies.I’ve never been the biggest NFL fan, despite living in a distinctly football town here in Washington DC.Had he the good looks of Errol Flynn, the decorum of James Mason, and the melancholy charm of Humphrey Bogart, he might have gotten away with it forever.But he had the look of some wild Teutonic forest swine, a monster out of the Maurice Sendak gallery, with his oversized head and that unfortunate six-day scruff of beard bristling over his hoggish jowels.

The stereotype of the Hollywood Producer has been vividly established for nearly a hundred years now: a vulgarian alpha male in an expensive suit working the in his office on the lot. Harvey Weinstein was in the goddess business, the way his ancestors were in the pants business or the pickle business.

How often are the fans just sitting there watching crowd shots or replays or pictures of cheerleaders or head coaches looking constipated?

So I started looking far and wide for “Ball in Play” studies for the 5 major professional sports to compare and contrast the TV viewer experience.

Gathered for the first time, Lee Daniels, Barry Jenkins, Jordan Peele and John Singleton break down the politics of who can tell what story, the doors that didn't open and the game-changing impact of ' Black Panther': "It almost feels like, ' Are black people gonna go see white people's movies now that we have our own?

How much live action actually occurs in each major sport?


  1. How much live action actually occurs in each major sport? Note if you’ve found this and want to make a comment about how football is such a more exiting sport than.

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