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Who is sam merlotte dating on true blood dating teenagers aspergers

Above anything else, Sam is an all-around decent guy.The kind of guy who made Jason take the wheel last week because he couldn’t bare to be the one driving away from the mother of his unborn baby before the rescue mission.But which of Sookie's love interests has been the best for her?Let's take a look at the competition: Mega Buzz: What does Bill's prophecy mean on Bill Compton Bill has saved Sookie's life more times than we can count — from Longshadow (Raoul Trujillo), Rene (Michael Raymond-James), etc.

It’s the moral compass we’ve become accustomed to and it’s what would make his death all the more heart-wrenching.

But he's always been very protective over Sookie and — Sookie Stackhouse novels SPOILER ALERT — even ends up with her at the end of Charlaine Harris' series. Sure, we love Tara as a vampire, but it still means Debbie killed her! Alcide showed his loyalty when he helped cover for Sookie, who had murdered Debbie in retaliation.

But after the duo hooked up, Eric cleverly glamoured Alcide into not remembering the night and thinking of Sookie as disgusting. Eric Northman From the moment the sexy Sheriff debuted, everyone was smitten by his dark and mysterious side.

You’d think being supernatural would give you somewhat of an advantage over run-of-the-mill humans, but so far they’ve been the main victims of death for this entire season. Sure, we’ve lost many nameless humans in the process as well, but they were mostly people who we a.) had never seen before, and b.) had zero emotional attachment to. )Think about it though: Tara couldn’t survive one little H-vamp mixer confrontation, but Holly, Nicole, and Arlene (all humans, by the way) were able to survive captivity for days on end? And let’s not forget everything Lafayette has survived through (thank goodness).

Clearly, the writers are hell-bent on taking out folks of the supernatural persuasion, which leaves Sam pretty high up on that list.


  1. Jun 27, 2013. Even though Sookie Stackhouse swears off men pretty much every season, True Blood's resident faerie has gone through nearly half a dozen love interests in. As owner of Merlotte's, Sam Sam Trammell has cut Sookie a lot of slack over the years — like when she disappears for days on end and doesn't.

  2. Mar 8, 2011. True Blood star Sam Trammell has revealed that his longterm girlfriend Missy Yager is pregnant with twins. 'The couple is thrilled and excited,' a representative for the actor told People magazine. Trammell, 40, and former Mad Men actress Yager have been together for eight years since meeting in New.

  3. The official website for True Blood on HBO, featuring full episodes online, interviews, schedule information and episode guides.

  4. Aug 3, 2014. On the run from the Japanese businessmen who blame her for ruining their True Blood business, and Sarah Newlin Anna Camp finds that the. Back in Bon Temps, Sam Merlotte Sam Trammell is contemplating leaving town to join his pregnant girlfriend, Nicole Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who left to escape.

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