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Ryan gossling dating kat

'It was like a really strange blind date,' Refn says of his first meeting with the actor.

Refn had flu, and was barely able to talk or move his neck.

I understand the studios, in the sense that if they're going to spend 0 million on a film, they want to make sure they're gonna get that back .

but I don't know how to guarantee you you're going to make that money back, and I'm uncomfortable working with those kind of numbers.

Despite their celebrity status, they want to give their girls a “normal upbringing,” and don’t have a nanny help raise their kids.

Mendes even stayed home with their daughter and skipped this year’s Golden Globes, where Gosling won best actor in a comedy or musical for his performance in .

Gosling thanked Mendes and her dedication to their family during his acceptance speech.

“While I was singing and dancing and playing piano …

Gosling is neither noticed nor bothered, protected by a force-field of perfect grooming. Having spent the best part of a decade taking on roles in small indie dramas in which he gets to smoke crack (Half Nelson), cross-dress (All Good Things), or weather radioactive break-ups (Blue Valentine), Gosling has now tacked decisively to centre for three roles this autumn, all of unimpeachable pedigree: a nameless getaway driver in the LA art-house thriller Drive; an idealistic politico in George Clooney's The Ides of March; and a suave pick-up artist in Crazy, Stupid, Love. 'He's like a mixture of James Stewart, Charles Bronson, Alain Delon, Lee Marvin and little bit of Marcello Mastroianni,' Nicolas Winding Refn, the director of Drive, says.They Played a Couple Before Becoming a Real One in Aug. In the film, Gosling and Mendes costarred as boyfriend and girlfriend (and expecting parents), and at some point they took their characters’ relationship off-screen.The pair’s romance became public knowledge in September when they were spotted on a date in Disneyland only weeks after filming.Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are possibly Hollywood’s most cryptic couple — the actors have kept their six-year relationship so hidden from the media that photos of them holding hands are often treated as breaking news.With Gosling’s recent starring role in (plus his birthday Nov.At the time, Mendes was on location shooting the French indie On New Year’s, things got even more serious when Gosling introduced Mendes to his mom in New York City.But even with their romance taking off, the actors refused to address their relationship to the media.Holding true to their private reputation, the couple kept this pregnancy secret from the public until only months before their second daughter was born.Gosling was reportedly “madly in love” with his first baby, and having a second only made him enjoy fatherhood even more. And in my situation, Eva’s the dream mother, and they’re dream babies, and it’s like a dream that I’m having right now,” Gosling told GQ Magazine in 2016. So I feel so lucky.” Giving Their Kids a “Normal Upbringing” Although they never married, Gosling and Mendes are reportedly very family-oriented.Dressed in a V-neck shirt, trousers and loafers, his ankles evenly tanned and his shoulders gym-toned, he looks casual but immaculate, an expensive version of himself, an object lesson in the Los Angeleno art of maximising one's resources. 'If you look at him on screen, your eye automatically goes to him. And very few actors who have that also have the guts to pursue the movies they want to do, rather than take the dream machine offered to them. If I do this for 10 more years I'll be shocked.' I stare at him to make out how serious he's being.


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