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These two rivers will soon become the most important water sources of Milan.The Romans shifted the course of the rivers to create what we today call Milan’s Navigli, a set of navigable canals that linked the landlocked province of Lombardy to the sea.By digital flâneurism I am referring to the active empowerment of a digital user to see and to experience a multilayered city, a city where the past intertwines with the present and the future, acting as a pillar upon which everything is built.I want users of this exhibit to be able to experience Milan’s waterways as Milanese people experienced them 200 years ago, 100 years ago and how they experience them today.Both mapped points include drawings, paintings, photos and videos dating back two hundred years.In all my points I aimed to show the progression of both water and the city itself, emphasizing the way the people interacted with water.Following the same chronologic format, the 5 records start in the 1920’s and end in 2016.

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The history of what we now call Milan started in the previous Era.

At around 400 BCE, a small Celtic establishment appeared surrounded by the Alps in the North and by the Italian Peninsula in the South.

Unfortunately, due to increasing health concerns, most Navigli were covered in the 20 century.

This tour guide of the Neatline exhibit Milan’s Waterways aims to guide the reader through both Milan’s standing waterways and waterways that no longer exist but remain engraved in Milan’s history.


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