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Dating vintage ludwig drums

had been a professional drummer, playing with circuses and touring vaudeville shows, along with the occasional skating-rink gig.Since this work was irregular, he and his brother, Theobald, opened a drum shop in Chicago; they called it Ludwig & Ludwig.I do not have data on these, so cannot add to the discussion. I try to differentiate based upon the badge style (with or without the trademark registration symbol) and also the ones that have been trimmed.

For example, the 1970 badge without a serial number will not have the little registered mark (®) next to the Ludwig.Theobald Ludwig died in 1918 and William continued on his own. In 1937, William bought a factory building and started The WFL Drum Company (his initials).The company continued producing drums at a small scale for the duration of World War II but after the armistice William got back to the idea of making the company a large drum manufacturer. Conn combined their two drum brands into one in the early 50's forming Leedy & Ludwig and then decided to quit the drum business altogether. were able to buy the Ludwig trademark back from Conn and over the next few years their company and its products transitioned from the WFL brand to being called "Ludwig" again.Selmer closed the Damen Avenue factory in the ensuing years and moved the drum production business to Monroe, North Carolina in 1984.I recently bought some Ludwigs , Blue Olive Badges, Three Ply, Clear Interiors. There is no information on the inside of the drums. Thanks In the Ludwig Book by Rob Cook, badges without serial numbers were from 1971. I have a 22x14 bass drum with this badge, in sparkling burgundy pearl. Gier's guide replaces the serial number dating part of Cook's book.I stopped at that picture and asked why he (Ringo Starr) put our name on the front of his bass drum head.Arbiter said that he was so proud that he had an imported drum set from America, especially from a famous company like Ludwig, that at the time of purchase he insisted on having the Ludwig name painted on the front of the head!The company added new products to its catalog, such as snare drums and timpani in 1916. William Ludwig stayed on to run the company for Conn (which also owned the Leedy Drum Co. Eventually, William Ludwig decided to leave Conn and start a new company of his own.In 1917, Ludwig signed a deal to build rope drums to support World War I. He was unable to use the Ludwig name since that trademark now belonged to Conn who continued to market Ludwig & Ludwig drums. Below is Ludwig 1960’s Serial Number Time Chart #1.It contains particular number/date stamp pairs chosen from our original serial number index because they serve as good representations of the chronological trend of the serial number sequence.


  1. Contact Vintage Drum Center. the production date of the drum youÕre dating could actually be several months. How To Date Ludwig Drums; How To Inspect Vintage.

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  3. How To Date A Ludwig. The lion’s share of vintage Ludwig drums available on the market hail. information for dating, we’ll be looking at drums from the.

  4. The history of Ludwig Drums - The Vintage Drum Guide shows you Ludwig Finishes. there are three different Ludwig Serial Number dating guides.

  5. How To Date 1960’s Ludwig Drums by. of collecting vintage drums is discovering. effect on the collecting and dating of 1960’s Ludwig drums.

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