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Updating identity column sql server 2016

This article details how to use SWITCH as an alternative technique to add or remove IDENTITY from an existing column.

a very basic example...create table #t (col1 varchar)INSERT INT O #t values ('c')INSERT INT O #t values ('d')INSERT INT O #t values ('e')update #t set col2 = rownum FROM (select col1,row_number() over (order by col1) as rownum from #t) DWHERE D.col1 = #t.col1col1 contains unique values so its possible to make the join on col1. I know about the identity field, but I have to update serial number only for selected records and its not a primary key field.

Add Identity Example.idx_Add Identity Example Staging_Other Data' , @newname = N'idx_Add Identity Example Staging_Other Data' , @objtype = N'INDEX'; DBCC CHECKIDENT(N'dbo.

Add Identity Example'); COMMIT; UPDATE STATISTICS dbo.

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  1. SQL AUTO INCREMENT Field. The following SQL statement defines the "ID" column to be an auto-increment primary key. The MS SQL Server uses the IDENTITY

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