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People in the villages are not only injured, but they have no food, no clean water, and close to 100% of the homes in the villages are destroyed in some form or another.According to our preliminary assessment so far, all of the Happy Houses seem to still have cement walls, but all the roofs are gone – some are in worse shape than others.Now, at the time that the area could benefit from some rain, it is only making the disaster worse.But we do not take “impossible” for an answer, and we are reaching an increased number of villages as the days go by.Community health teams continue to go out into the mountains to provide care in villages that can be accessed, including Fond Bayard, Castillon, Dayere, Moron, Bigarade, Robin, and Fond-Rouge-Torbeck.We have very high numbers of people showing up at these HHF “mobile clinics”.There have already been fatalities due to cholera, but the numbers are undetermined as of this writing.As of three days ago, 164 cases of cholera were reported in the Commune of Jérémie alone.

The team from Moron is treating more than 250 patients per day.Access to the villages has always been difficult, and now it’s almost impossible– roads are washed out, trees and debris are everywhere, and continuous downpours and thunderstorms keep the roads from drying and further erode them.This is Haiti’s rainy season, although these last 3 years have had a drought.Increased numbers of malnourished children and pregnant/lactating women are being seen daily.Some of these patients, including babies, have been airlifted to the hospital in Port au Prince because they require care that is more advanced than what is available in Jérémie.HHF is able to distribute food and provide medical care, and we are helping to provide people with some form of shelter – including the distribution of 320 tarps – and all of them have been distributed without riots or violence – because of the trust our community has in us.We are their neighbors, caring neighbors, and they know it.Clinical Care Patients continue to come to HHF’s Center of Hope for medical care – walking not only from parts of Jérémie, but from many villages, some very far away – a strong indication that they cannot find help anywhere else.Just today, for example, we had over 400 people show up at the Center of Hope for care – that is not including our usual clientele of pregnant women and malnutrition recuperation patients.Fortunately, the HHF clinic in Moron is a cement building and is able to provide shelter for the medical team.Food Distribution HHF has been assisting a total of 321 children at nine orphanages for the past three weeks.


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  2. Oct 26, 2016. Hurricane Matthew Update from Nadesha Mijoba. Posted on October 26. Please, continue to spread the word that Hurricane Matthew has passed, but the suffering is really only beginning. Since the. As of three days ago, 164 cases of cholera were reported in the Commune of Jérémie alone. Community.

  3. Days ago. Hey all, A little over a week ago Matthew turned 10 months and i feel like I am finally getting the hang of balancing life at being a mom and getting stuff done. started to point at things and by his face expression it seems like he wants me to explain to him what it isso I explain to him everything he points at.

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