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In 2006, Hunley stepped into the studio to record his first full length album.

Now nearly three years later, Hunley is set to release his debut album Wait and See in April 2009.

He began taking piano and violin lessons at the age of five, and for a moment it seemed as if Hunley was destined to follow in the musical footsteps of his family.

However, his attention soon turned to another passion... At the age of twelve he decided to quit taking music lessons all together and devote his time and attention to baseball, which ultimately earned him a scholarship to Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

EPK es una cadena de tiendas especializada, producto de más de quince años de experiencia internacional, en la venta de ropa y accesorios para bebes y niños de 0 meses hasta 12 años.

With the brilliant arranging of producer Burton Akers, each song from Wait and See is graced with a unique and tasteful flair. Sometimes it’s not just what I feel in my own shoes…sometimes I try to walk in someone else’s shoes and try to imagine what they’re feeling.The album covers a wide range of musical styles spanning Acoustic Soul, Pop-Rock, New-Age-Country, and Southern Blues. And I guess some of my writing is just observation.Hunley doesn't care much for labeling, however, and his writing serves as proof. It’s really hard to put this album [Wait and See] in a category or a genre. Addiction is something that has been prevalent in my family. MODA INFANTIL ROPA para niños ropa para niñas ropita bebes. '11 Sirius XM Singer/Songwriter Discovery of the Year Nominee'10 BMI/John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship Winner'10 International Acoustic Music Awards Grand Prize Winner'10 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest Winner'09 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Showcase Grand Prize Winner In the short time since her graduation from Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music, singer-songwriter Liz Longley has assembled quite an impressive resume."I have always been influenced by the song first and the artist second," says Hunley. I’ve been influenced by so many different kinds of music and artists that it’s hard to say what or who my main influence is. Nothing new there I guess, other than the fact that I got it broken more than once by the same girl. It hurt at the time, but I’m thankful for it because my true love and passion for music came to life as my relationship with her soured. “In An Instant” is a song that uses a lot of imagery and metaphor to show the effects of someone’s battle against substance abuse."That's not to say certain artists haven't influenced me more than others. I guess I’ve always been influenced by a song first and an artist second, which I’m thankful for because I’ve been exposed to so many different kinds of music. [laughs] But the way it impacted me helped me understand the idea of loss. I wrote my first song about her so I am grateful she gave me that. But that [outro] was an old recording of my papaw playing the banjo and we just put it on the album to honor him. Lyrically speaking, your song style on “Wait and See” has many elements of storytelling. I hope anyone struggling with addiction can first acknowledge it and then get the help they need. Just for the record…I caught one of your shows at Sapphire in Downtown Knoxville last week and you did an acoustic version of “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding and I was absolutely blown away by the emotion in your vocals. I would recommend any music lover to just listen to the raw emotion in your singing…It’s truly a gift. Knoxville Artist Mike Berry painted the cover artwork on your album. My mom has an interiors and gifts shop (Kimberly’s Interiors and Gifts) in Knoxville and she had some of his artwork in her store for sale. I went to Mike with a concept for “Wait and See” and told him to just be himself and paint whatever ideas came to his mind. How has Sevier County and its musical history inspired you?If a song moves him or thrills him, he loves it and it shows. Stephen Hunley, 28, is the nephew of Country Music Artist Con Hunley and is a University of Tennessee graduate. It’s a very eclectic album and people seem to be very receptive to that idea. I’m so thankful for being able to grow up in such a music-rich part of the country. So your Uncle is Country Music Artist Con Hunley…what words of encouragement has he given you? It is what drives me and I hope it can add some joy or comfort to other people’s lives along the way.To get more information on Stephen Hunley, hear what he sounds like, or to see more photographs you can check out his personal My Space page or see his Facebook fan page. With the spotlight on Stephen and a few upcoming shows that could really set him apart from the rest, Hometown decided to sit down with Stephen for the very first “Featured Artist” and really focus in on who he is, his music, and where he intends to go with his amazing talents. Mike Hammond at WIVK heard some of my stuff; liked it; and asked if I would like to open for someone at Cotton Eyed Joe! Well maybe a little hesitation because I was a little shocked. Your brand new album “Wait and See” was released earlier this summer…what’s everyone saying about it? I’m glad you used the word “eclectic” because the album covers a lot of styles and genres. He told me to, ‘be myself and to do what comes natural. I love life and I try to live everyday like it might be my last day here. El Tesoro 278 Locales comerciales restaurantes diversión, es la perfecta integración del comercio, el libre esparcimiento, el entretenimiento y la armonía con la naturaleza, ubicado en Medellín Colombia. Ropa para niños ropa para niñas ropita bebes Headline Animator. MODA INFANTIL ROPA para niños ropa para niñas ropita bebes.


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