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Who is brett ratner dating

Kohler made the social media post a week before the has published the complaint which Ratner filed in Hawaii federal court.

The plaintiff calls the Kohler’s social media post “deliberately fall and malicious” calling the statement “false, fabricated, and fictional.” Ratner seeks special and general damages, punitive damages, reimbursement of court costs, and “further and additional relief” the court deems fit.

To Kohler's legal team, Ratner's suit smells like a SLAPP suit — a strategic lawsuit against public participation — as is thus limited by California's anti-SLAPP law.

These suits are generally barred, the motion says, because they're aimed at "deterring future litigation" and halting speech on important matters of public discourse."A public figure like (Ratner) cannot lawfully chill speech about his conduct by filing a complaint that merely recites the elements of his cause of action," the motion says.

Ratner's suit fails to do this, Kohler argues, and thus should be dismissed.

Kohler's team of lawyers is led by Kaplan, who helped dismantle the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act with her victory in the 2013 Supreme Court case that made federal benefits available to couples in same-sex marriages.

Neither Ratner's lawyer nor his firm, Lavely & Singer, returned a message from USA TODAY seeking comment.

Brett Ratner has started the process of suing one of the woman who made sexual assault allegations against him.

Writing on Facebook, Melanie Kohler claimed Ratner raped her about 12 years ago when she was drunk.


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  5. Brett Ratner has started the process of suing one of the woman who made sexual assault. Dating; Follow us. Brett Ratner sues woman for libel over rape allegations.

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