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So far due to a very tolerant population, there has never been any direct or indirect attack on this religious minority.

However recently in last week there was a large gathering of Punjabi Christian faith adherers asserting their rights to believe.

People of all religions are responsible for great injustices.

hello, i have been reading the mail in the forum on the Sikh website, and i was greatly upset.

For those of you out there who went astray and believed in the infiedels , Truth is still the essence of time and it is not too late , PRAY AND SAVE yourself before someone else prays FOR YOU after your BHOG ceremony.

Truth shall remain as The Truth it is only those who are cooked up in a false hope will realise it is too late on their judgement day ..

Jesus was born a jew not christian and Judaism was the order of day .

You are right, Jesus was not born a christian, he came to establish the church, and that is what christian means is christ in one. To Mohinder Kaur and your so called fellow christian Sikhs :-), if spring cleaning was the order of the day than you were one of those lucky ones who qualified ...Christians are welcome in Punjab but their false propagation will not be a pleasant one in the end.Jo Bole Soh Nihal Sat Sri Akaal "Finally, all you your hatred cannot change the fact, that Jesus is God, who loves you, forgives you, and died for your sin.The inter marriage among majority and minorities in Pakistan for example are hardly possible and thus are neglible.Punjabi network believes that Punjabis must not consider religion as a basis of cultural separation or ethnic affinity division.Please do not give me the crap of what you have to say about these hypnotis Pros and their fake healings , this page is not enogh to mention all the names of people who were promised that they were cured of their dealy diseases like cancer and so forth and many had died and gone to Hell for believing in these people.Please do not allow a few bigots to tarnish the Gold Standard of the values and virtues of the Sikh faith and the teachings in our Holy Bani..When was the last time you really spent time listening to bani in the Gurdwara other than worried about your looks and attire and the your Gossip circle and best of all enjoying free food ..If you were really keen and was disciplined you would have perserved and took the trouble to understand the holy bani and than you would have seen the light at the end of the tunnel instead of jumping on the wrong train and not knowing which direction it was heading even though it had the words jesus written on the front.UNLIKE Nanak, Mohammed, Buddha, and all the hindu gods, Jesus defeated death to redeem you from your sin and saved you from eternal hell. You cannot use the term 'cannot change the FACT'. You do not know the facts, you just believe in your faith (if in a bigoted way), certainly you are ignorant of others.Granted attacking other faiths is wrong, but do not talk as if christians havent been the cause of much human suffering.


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