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3 – Why I Must Have Sex With You Notepad This just cracks me up! I bought this for my husband for Christmas and I’M actually the one that’s using it. I can’t even hold one of the new gaming system remotes! 18 – Photo Lamp By Light Affection I’m kind of blown away by this gift! 23 – Travel Stub Diary This is a great gift for a seasoned traveler to keep track of the places they’ve been and the experiences they’ve had!

It’s a notepad where you can check off various reasons and present it to your spouse! But, I’m sure my husband would get a kick out of this gift! It’s just so interesting…a personalized photo lamp! 24 – His & Hers Branding Set Perfect for the grill master. 25 – Now I Know book I love buying interesting books for Tony – they end up being books that I like to read.

One place to store them and it looks like it may protect from dust collection.

27 – Bar Games Coasters Thirty different coasters with puzzles, drinking game, quizzes and bar tricks all designed to make you laugh.

2 – Survival Kit Tin A great gift for camper, hiker or general outdoorsman. 9 – Handkerchiefs For those times when you’re feeling fancy! His ties always get wrinkled when we travel so this is a unique gift that will be very useful for us! This would be so great to write one line a day – something nice he does for you, something sweet he says, the funny things he did, etc. If you want him to feel nostalgic, this would be great! 22 – Poo-Pourri Gift Set People often make fun of Poo-pourri but it really does work!

This looks small enough to fit into a backpack so it would be cute to give as a stocking stuffer. How many times would this be going off in your house?!?! (As a note – remember when controllers only had 4 or 5 buttons?!?!? 21 – Things You Do That Piss Me Off Notepad Similar to the Why I Must Have Sex With You notepad above – here’s one for him to use when I’ve really pissed him off! I got some as a gift for my husband last year and its as a hit! This gift set makes it look real manly and I like that!

Some of this stuff will work for all the men of your life!

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Plus, I’d like to leave him a little note to put a smile on his face.

Would be so cool to use old slides of his family photos! Imagine giving him this with his favorite bottle of liquor. He told me he doesn’t have a website but takes phone calls for custom creations.

I saw these at a local arts festival – he customizes the handle! I have found something similar HERE from Uncommon Goods but I like the fact that the nozzle can be customized by Dan.

Take a voice recording and it comes back to you in an amazing piece of art! 43 – Super Hero Cookbook A cookbook a man could get into.

No one’s voice is the same, right – so this gift would be one of a kind! The inside is very nicely designed – looks like a lot of fun!


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