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Dating a pastors kid

It was dreadful and a part of me wanted to quit but hey in the end it turned up great.

The show really boosted my fan base, I didn’t expect to be loved by so many people and for people to enjoy my episode that much.

Entertainment has always been my passion but part of me wanted to put it on hold if it happens it will happen.

I mean I’ve known quite a lot of celebrities for more than 10 years who have seen potential in me but I’ve never taken me serious I guess God, my family and all the people who have always believed in me.

About the show, I was approached by my brother’s friend who works in the TV industry and he asked me if I would be interested in doing a Preachers Kids Reality Show.

At first I was shocked but also excited at the same time.

Lastly don’t ever let the negative people get to you or even believe what they say because that won’t get you anywhere.

Although the plot line was definitely predictable (for me, that is) it was still interesting to watch.

I think this movie teaches a good life lesson also.

People apparently knew everyone up in this movie, I only knew the father and the main girl's friend (Smart Guy, Half & Half) but I thought they all did a decent job & after finding out they're all apparently singers. Everyone's opinion is different, but you might enjoy it.

It's not an award-winning movie but it definitely held my interest.

Fairbanks was arrested Thursday; a result of what court documents say was a year-long investigation.

Court documents indicate the accusations against Fairbanks, who is a pastor at Faithworks Ministry in Greensboro, date from 1997 to 2016.


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