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Jon and kate dating video

" "Yeah, right down center of the street, it's awesome!

Now that he's no longer a reality star, 35-year-old Gosselin is also working in I. Alexander asked Gosselin, "How are you doing financially right now? For now, Jon Gosselin and Jannetta are having fun getting to know each other.

“Next thing I know there’s a million reporters up at Indiana, and they’re doing everything they can to paint me as Jon’s trashy party girl mistress, because no one knows that Jon and his wife have been separated for almost a year,” she said.

Things turned sour, they broke up, and the blame game began on both sides.

“Do be comfortable with yourself enough that you are not just, like, marrying the first person that comes along,” she says.

“I think that’s a big mistake that a lot of people make, and this time around I have to be extra choosey not only for myself.

“I haven’t seen all of my kids together in about three years,” he told Harvey.

, Gosselin goes on a blind date, but she isn’t shy about telling him exactly what she demands in a suitor.

“I do know that the person that comes around and sticks around – like if you are willing to take on eight kids, you have to be pretty darn tough, like, from the get-go,” the 40-year-old mom of twins and sextuplets tells her date over dinner.

"Even though Jon and Kate are no longer together, they try their hardest to co-parent there children. I have no idea where it came from, but they all have strong opinions," she joked.

I think that we're in a really good place there." show that she has started to give her daughters advice about fashion and now, of course, dating, but they put up a fight."Mainly Maddie, but I have to tell you...


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