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Synchrony dual optic accommodating iol

The Light Adjustable Lens is comprised of a photosensitive silicone material that can be postoperatively reshaped with ultraviolet light to correct any residual refractive error.2.

Gierek-Ciaciura S, Cwalina L, Bednarski L, Mrukwa-Kominek E.

Accommodating lenses can currently be classified into 3 categories: (1) single-optic, (2) dual-optic, (3) and deformable optic IOLs.

This article will explore the available accommodative technologies under these 3 headings including any limitations concerning lens excursion and accommodative amplitude and examine the potential impact of these IOLs on cataract and refractive surgeons and patients.

Consistent innovations in multifocal and accommodating intraocular lenses are revolutionizing how eye care providers effectively combat presbyopia.

These zones are varied proportionally to provide optimal vision under different lighting conditions..

Additionally, they often provide better distance vision than multifocal IOLs.

And, of greatest importance, most patients with accommodating IOLs report significantly fewer visual aberrations than patients implanted with multifocal IOLs.

The optic of the lens moves forward in accordance with ciliary muscle contraction, providing a more “natural” accommodative effect than most multifocal IOLs.

Synchrony (Visiogen, Inc.) will likely be the next accommodating IOL to gain FDA approval.


  1. The high plus anterior optic of the Synchrony Dual Optic IOL provides excellent vision at all distances.

  2. Eyes on Europe New Options in Multifocal IOLs;. For example, the Synchrony dual-optic accommodating IOL Visiogen/AMO is already available in Europe.

  3. Dr. Marques provides an overview of current methods for achieving refractive outcomes with IOL implants and presents the concept of dual optic.

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