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Christian science dating service

God is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.

"God is All-in-all." Incarnations We are all sons/daughters of God, though not at the level of understanding of Christ Jesus.

Eddy has a few choice things to say about the act of procreation, attempting to bring a unique “spiritual” perspective to what sounds like an unhappy bedroom situation (2).

In Christian Science there is no room for the unreality of sensuality (it is mortal mind/error trying to “distract” us), much less “Victoria Secret dancing” in the bedroom (or on your own), we need to be constantly listening for God’s Angel Messages, not what our unreal material bodies are saying.

Every Monday, listen to a new episode of Sentinel Watch, a weekly podcast from the Christian Science Sentinel.

Tune in to hear a question and answer on a timely topic or a report of healing in the … [Read More...]There have been over 85 testimonies of healing published in The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel from our Victoria church family dating back to 1915.

Marriage aside, if you mention the idea of physical intimacy (or recreational sex) outside a marriage, you get slammed with sensuality is evil, and adultery is wrong (4). Eddy is quite clear on the issue of sex and dating: there is no chapter on “Dating and Relationships” either you are married or you are not.

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Belief in Deity God is incorporeal Spirit--creative Principle, supreme, omnipotent Father-Mother, omnipresent, omniscient--the only intelligence and all that actually exists.

[Read More...]Join us for our Fellowship Lunch in the Sunday School on the second Sunday each month after the church service.

The Focus Prayer Group meets after the Lunch at pm, where we pray for current world …

I get the impression MBE feels we would all be better off unmarried, except that it seems like she feels we are not complete on our own: If you’re going to have “affections” and raise children, then yes, you should be married.

“Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress” and all that good stuff. Eddy reticently accepts the notion of hetero-normative intercourse within the confines of marriage as a necessary to continue to the human race, however, she would most likely prefer if people held off on anything sexy all together.


  1. About Christian Science. What is Christian Science? It's based on the Bible & explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy. Read more. Please check seasonal changes to Wednesday and Sunday services under the Church Services tab.

  2. Those seeking accurate, up-to-date information regarding Christian Science, especially Government and Media representatives, can find answers through our Committee on Publication for New Mexico spokesperson, Patricia McNeil. Patricia is available to answer questions and can speak publicly regarding The influence.

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  4. The Chagrin Falls Christian Science Reading Room is a quiet place for prayerful study, reflection, and relaxation. Sunday for an hour after the church service. It is easy to access resources such as the Bible and Christian Science publications as well as archives of the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald, dating back to the late.

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