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What is the difference between casual dating and a relationship star reporter dating jon gosselin

Wholegrain bread is low GI as are wholemeal breads with added grains.

Rye bread has a heavier texture due to a lower gluten content (but it's not gluten free).

They found that, with the exception of crackers, gluten free foods contained more fat, salt and sugar and also had lower fibre and protein content than their equivalents.

We all know that wholemeal is better for us than white bread.

Look for a chewy texture and the absence of yeast in the ingredients, preferably with wholewheat flour or rye wholemeal, grains and seeds.

Gluten free breads are made from an alternative grain to wheat, so as to avoid the wheat protein gluten.

Wholemeal flour contains more fibre than white flour.

Wholemeal bread also contains more vitamins and minerals than many white breads, but has a higher GI than wholegrain breads.


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