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I cannot find a list of commands anywhere other than the ones above but none of them tell me how to switch between the channels. with a symbol (* at end of message for whisper for example) (let people configure this) You should also add a way to focus on channels like herochat.

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The chat rooms are where you can go to have your characters interact with others in real time, with no delay, and no refresh necessary. How To Play Interactive storytelling or role playing in a chat room is the same as in any of the other features of the site. Literary Style Walks into a room, “Hello everyone.” The Red Sun Inn This is the name of the main chat that is used on Role Pages.

Or create and GM your own game and add to the 72,617 characters and 8,292,211 messages already on the system.

With 5,012 games on record, 1,669 highly active (429 seeking players), we're sure you'll find a setting to suit you.

Similar to the game of make-believe, but it is conducted in real time, in a chat room.

People take on the fictional persona of a character within a fantasy setting and participate in a give-and-take dialog.


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