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His phone is suddenly never left in plain view and he protects his computer passwords with more vigor than a mama bear.Sometimes mysterious charges show up on your joint accounts or those “work lunches” get much more expensive.When we like someone new, often we absorb their taste in music by simple virtue of being exposed to something new we haven’t heard before.This odd sign he’s cheating on you is best demonstrated in the music he plays in the car, garage or his private spaces.The key to this sign of cheating is that his job used to be predictable but now it isn’t. If he doesn’t do the “come home and shower immediately” routine, lingering perfume can be a real tell-tale sign he’s a cheater. Some men will even stoop so low as to start a fight with you so that they can storm off… Does he suddenly make weird, awkward jokes about his new “work wife”?

Before he might have been content with creating an eiffel tower of take out boxes in the back seat of his car. Clean and refuses to let you leave so much as a cardigan on the backseat.

Whether you see any of these signs or not, you’ve got to trust your gut.

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

But betrayal is betrayal: if the motive is to do something behind your partner’s back, it’s all cheating.

The following seven behaviors are signs that your partner could be having an affair — whether he’s micro-cheating or getting ready to leave you for another woman.


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