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Epo 4 0 global updating

In the written proceedings the Examining Division also cited the following prior-art documents: D1: US2005/120123 published on 2 June 2005, D2: US2005/071344 published on 31 March 2005, D3: US2004/224675 published on 11 November 2004, D4: Marco Mesiti et al.: "X-Evolution: A System for XML Schema Evolution and Document Adaptation", 10th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Munich, Germany, 26-31 March, 2006, LNCS 3896, published on 31 March 2006.With the statement of grounds of appeal, the appellant submitted a new main request and new first and second auxiliary requests.However, as the Board was aware of a further prior-art document which might prejudice the patentability of the claimed subject-matter, the following courses of action were proposed:(a) The Board would decide to set aside the decision under appeal and remit the case to the department of first instance for further prosecution.The invention attempts to avoid this inefficient handling of schema updates, in particular where database backup occurs over the air (by radio communication), as performing a backup of all records of a database can be time-consuming and costly to a user.2.3 The invention solves this problem by comparing at a portable device a new version of a database schema to its prior version, by generating an update command, based on the comparison, to update the database at the portable device to conform to the new schema, by updating the database at the portable device using the generated update command, and transmitting the update command over the air from the portable device to a server storing a backup database of the database at the portable device to enable the server to update the backup database in the same manner using the transferred update command.[Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexual flirting tips for girls] The right way to use these first date questions The first thing you need to know here is to avoid throwing one question after another at your date.[Read: How to get to know a guy you want to date] #19 Which parent are you closer to?

With respect to feature F4, the appellant argued that the log messages used in D5 were unspecific, whereas the update command was "specific to the corresponding backup database" and that the broadcasting of log messages was different from the transmission of the update command. By default, what port is used for the communication between the Sensor and e PO? What are the default ports for communicating from the e PO agent, console, and sensor to the e PO server? In reply to the Board's communication, the appellant gave preference to the first course of action (a) and requested that the Board remitted the case to the Examining Division to continue examination.No submissions concerning the new document D6 were made. Which of the following is a valid statement regarding the task of managing policies in e PO 4.0? The only way to apply an existing policy to a node in the e PO tree is through inheritance. When you assign a new policy to a particular node of the Directory, then all systems under that node with inheritance intact will inherit the new policy. Policies that have been duplicated can only be applied to the Directory level in the e PO console. Policies can be exported or imported from one e PO server to another e PO server. FILL IN THE BLANKS - Communications between Tomcat and the Web browser accessing the e PO console is accomplished using _______ traffic through port _______ by default. By default, which of the following is the communication port between e PO console and e PO server in e PO 4.0? Claim 1 of the main request reads as follows:"A method of updating and backing up a database (40, 42, 44) comprising data records, to accord with an updated database schema defining un [sic] updated structure of the data records in the database (40, 42, 44), wherein the database (40, 42, 44) is associated with mail store content, the method comprising:obtaining (100) at a portable electronic device (22) the updated database schema associated with the database (40, 42, 44);comparing the updated database schema (106) with a previous database schema associated with the database (40, 42, 44), to determine database schema changes;generating an update command (108) based on said comparing (106), when the updated database schema differs from said previous database schema, said update command comprising said database schema changes;updating the data records (110) of the database (40, 42, 44) according to the update command (108) by:deleting a first field from each of the data records, if said database schema changes comprise a deletion of said first field of the data records;deleting data stored in a second field in each of the data records, if said database schema changes comprise a modification of said second field of the data records; andadding a new field in each of the data records, if said database schema changes comprise an addition of said new field of the data records; andtransmitting said update command (112) from said portable electronic device (22) to a server by way of a radio communication channel, said update command for enabling updating of a backup database (34, 36, 38) associated with the database (40, 42, 44) at the server, by performing the steps deleting a first field, deleting data and adding a new field on backup data records of the backup database (34, 36, 38) according to the update command, so that each of the backup data records of the backup database (34, 36, 38) conforms to the updated structure as defined by the updated database schema."Claims 2 to 10 of the main request are dependent on claim 1.The applicant (appellant), whose name at the time was Research In Motion Limited, appealed against the decision of the Examining Division refusing European patent application No.In view of these distinguishing features, the appellant proposed to formulate the objective technical problem as "how to synchronise database schemas of an email database at a portable electronic device and a backup server over a bandwidth-limited and intermittent wireless link" (features F1 and F6).This objective technical problem was solved by generating an update command comprising the plurality of database schema changes (feature F3).


  1. Global Updating is enabled in the ePO server. Known Issue/Product Defect McAfee Agent 5.0.x McAfee Agent 4.8. Corporate Headquarters 2821 Mission College.

  2. Feature F5 was not disclosed in section 10.4.2 of D5 cited by the Examining

  3. A bit of background on my environment Recently upgraded to ePO 4.02. We have around 4,000 clients and 95% of them have been upgraded to McAfee agent 4.0.

  4. The Board notes that paragraph 0025 of the description is a suitable basis for amendment e and that original claims 5, 6, 10 and 11 are a relevant

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