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Dating sexy coeds

Even the worst relationships, like verbally abusive ones where she told you you were worthless and made fun of you in front of your friends, have silver linings; lessons to be learned. If you miss staring at sexy coeds in public, move near campus. If they’re creeped out, that’s their problem, not yours.

As you move on, spend less time thinking about the girl and more time thinking about what you personally became better at. Get yourself some dark tinted glasses and have yourself a polite afternoon.

Just accept that things are the way they are, put one foot in front of the other and carry on the best you possibly can.

If you forgot who you were before this all started or what it’s like being single, now is the time to embrace the gift that most committed men often fantasize of. Nobody to be with somebody, or at least they shouldn’t.

Have a drink after a hard day’s work and just be happy.

The age-old gem known as trust is the backbone to relationships, even platonic ones, but it can be tough to trust someone who recently ripped your heart out like it was a scene from “The Walking Dead.”The best thing you can do is move at your own pace, get over it and into something better, then when you’re ready, take the time to consider the offer.Yes, some people feel better in relationships, can’t stand being alone or just appreciate some regular companionship. But, a lot of relationships implode because one or both of you isn’t happy, for any number of possible reasons.Maybe it just wasn’t working, maybe she was a gigantic bitch, or perhaps it had something to do with your attitude. Regardless, in order for a relationship to work and work well, both people need to be happy alone.Remember the old you, the one that used to do what he wanted to do and didn’t care what other people had going on?Remember the guy who seamlessly tore all the sleeves off his entire wardrobe so he could have a sleeveless summer?And if those things include a tub of chocolate ice cream and Lifetime movies, then that’s okay, too (for now).After awhile feelings can fester, so find healthy distractions.Get out of the house and start doing things you like doing again — on your own. There’s no rush, but when you’re ready, find a girl who’s cooler, smarter and just all-around better. She showed you how to cook chicken in a skillet with organic produce instead of broiling it unseasoned for four hours in the oven? If you felt sluggish or out of shape, take the time to eat right and work out more.It’s true what they say: There is no better way to handle a breakup, especially if you’re on the receiving end, than to live well and be happier than you’ve ever been. Roll around on the ground with them in public and let them lick your face. Love those little beasts with all that extra love you’re used to sharing. You don’t have to shove it in the ex’s face, either. Now, focus less on her bitching about how you operate and just remember that your posture is better now thanks to that situation. Did that negative ball of energy ever teach you some cool tricks? If you were sticking around because of a girl and hate where you live, maybe it’s time to move on.There’s still a long road ahead, young man, paved with pretty lights and plenty more pretty girls.As with any loss, it’s good to take a moment to accept the changes and maybe squirt a couple tears.


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