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Dating for russian jews

It's a great example of God putting the cure before the disease, which we see over and over in Jewish history.

"Thus, even while they [the Jewish people] are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject or obliterate them, lest I break my covenant with them by destroying them.

It may be hard to imagine today what it must have meant back then, because we really have no basis of comparison.

In those days normative Judaism meant living with the constant presence of God, which was always accessible at the Temple.

Jewish life can continue and as a result we see hardly any assimilation during the Babylonian exile.(1) Let's jump ahead in time, 2,500 years to the Jewish migration to America. Starting at around 1882, millions of Jews fleeing from persecution in Czarist Russia start coming to the New World. Therefore, this turn of events in Babylon turns out to be a tremendously positive thing.

They miraculously survive, causing Nebuchadnezzar to issue an edict forbidding anyone to blaspheme the God of Israel. Like many of the other neighboring kings, Belshazzar is well versed in Jewish prophecy. Because in the polytheistic world, the God of Israel had a reputation.

He had to be reckoned with and therefore the rulers kept up with Jewish beliefs and took Jewish prophets, such as Jeremiah, and their prophecies seriously.

The Jews of Babylon speak Aramaic and even when they return to the land of Israel, they continue to speak Aramaic.) This word Resh Galusa means in Hebrew Rosh Galut, and in English, "Head of the Diaspora." (Diaspora, incidentally, is a Greek word, meaning "dispersion.") The Resh Galusa is a person who is a direct descendant of the House of King David.

Even though he's not a king in the land of Israel, he's recognized as not only being the representative of the Jewish community in Babylon but also having noble status.


  1. The Babylonians think God has abandoned the Jews and celebrate. But they have a surprise coming.

  2. Middle East latest news Breaking news on ISIS, the Iranian threat, Palestinians, Israeli cooperation with Arab states and more.

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