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The combination of both vehicles together must not exceed 21' 10".This is the exact Town Code pertaining to this topic: Due to safety reasons involving obstructed vision pertaining to pedestrians, children, emergency vehicles and other motorists, no vehicle or transport device longer than 21 feet 10 inches, inclusive of load and bumper (even if not attached), nor wider than seven feet 10 inches, as measured by the body, nor higher than seven feet two inches, as measured from the underside of the tire to the top of the vehicle, shall park upon any street within any residential district in the Town of Tonawanda.To obtain an Order of Protection in the Town of Tonawanda Justice Court, you must sign a complaint charging another party with a crime.When you sign the complaint in the Detective Bureau you should make your request known to the detective so the family protection registry form (TTP168) can be filled out ahead of time, and accompany your complaint to court.

We do not take fingerprints for a pistol permits, you must contact the Erie County Pistol Permit Bureau for additional information (716-858-6600).

It allows victims the option of registering to be notified when an Order of Protection has been served.

The answer is yes, but it is very limited based on the over all length of the combined trailer and vehicle together.

Entrance to the Town Court is located on the extreme west end (door closest to Delaware Road) of the Police Building.

Do not enter the doors in the center of the building for court as you will only be told to exit the building and go to the next set of doors. citizen and must reside in the Town of Tonawanda for at least four months prior to taking the Civil Service exam.


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