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Aussie webcam

Unfortunately, the problem arises when the cameras are manufactured in the factory and the software is loaded.To make this process easier, each camera is given the same default username and password to use as a log in when accessing remotely.For more information about these cameras click here.Please ensure flash is enabled on your browser if you would like to be able to control the camera.The website says the cameras are not hacked and access is only possible because they were left on "default password". First, it's important to note that the issue only affects cameras that can be accessed remotely over the web.

____________________________________________________________ If you are in the USA or other countries and wish to donate in US$ please click on the Pay Pal Donate button below, These donations are in $US.The issue has arisen over the past few years as webcams have grown to include extra features in a bid for customers' business.One of these features is the ability to access an external webcam over the internet from anywhere in the world from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any web browser enabled device.You are watching live videos of Australian wildlife set in a backyard garden.You will see a wide variety of wildlife all year round including many wild birds birds feeding such as Galah. In summer look for deadly brown snakes, tiger snakes and lizards.This is useful for those using cameras for home/business security purposes, home support services or even just to check on the whereabouts of the family cat!In the battle for new customers, many manufacturers have started to add features like these to separate their technology from the pack.Instructions on how to do this should be available via the manual for the product or the manufacturer's website. Unfortunately, the methods by which people are accessing these cameras, while being unethical, are not actually illegal.These cameras have been built to be accessed over the internet and individuals are using freely available tools and information to find and access these cameras.While users are encouraged to change their password, some don't.So the camera is made available to the world via the internet with a default password that is easily known to anyone who has bought the same type of camera (or can read it on the manufacturer's website).


  1. You are watching live broadcast of Australian wildlife. You'll see a wide variety of wildlife all year round including many wild birds birds feeding.

  2. Enjoy great views of Melbourne's CBD with our live streaming web camera, including the famous Cricket Ground, the Rod Laver Arena and the trendsetting district South Bank. Travel the world live and see Australia's folks having their barbecues on the banks of Yarra River, picknicks in the botanical gardens in the world's.

  3. Dash Cam Owners Australia. 712178 likes 20388 talking about this. Contact Us Post Office Box 2188.

  4. Australia. Kosciuszko Triple Chair. Charlotte Pass. New South Wales. More cams from. Charlotte Pass. Dinner Plain. Victoria. from Sno-Info · Falls Creek Express. Falls Creek. Victoria. More cams from. Falls Creek · Toboggan slope. Lake Mountain. Victoria. More cams from. Lake Mountain · The Bowl. Mount Baw Baw.

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