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Once you activate the button in this room, shielded zombies will emerge and fire will come from the walls.

Stay within the center area and do your best to fend off the zombies without stepping into the flames.

See full summary » A woman, who had left home 20 years previously under acrimonious circumstances, finds out that she is terminally ill.

She returns home and tries to rebuild her relationship with her ...

See full summary » In 1926, famous evangelist Aimee Semple Mc Pherson disappeared for six weeks.

When she surfaced, she claimed that she had been kidnapped and held prisoner in Mexico. See full summary » The son of a dead Italian nobleman and a wealthy American woman forgets the disappointment of finding he has no talent for being a painter by succumbing to the sexual advances of an amoral model who believes in indiscriminate love affairs.

Level Tip When you first step outside, enter the door to your left and head upstairs. Mount the gun and watch for the hall directly across as enemies pile out--mow 'em down.

Secret Area Just beyond the first secret area you'll find a room with a few Nazis hanging out.

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Activate it to open up a staircase in the center of the room, revealing a secret area.What they don't know is that the family is being auditioned by Davis known to one and all as the Widow Fortune who rules the roost there.In fact if this were a beehive Cornwell Coombe would have the men either as worker bees or worse drones.Level Tip When you reach this pit of spikes, jump across to the other side and break the wall.On the other side is a switch which reveals a second switch (on the opposite side of the pit, now) that drops the spikes, allowing you a safe jump to the bottom.First hit the switch in the hall with the spikes that drop from the ceiling, then from the hall with the spiked pit.Finally, hit the switch at the end of the hall guarded by saw blades, and this passage to the final secret will be open.As you approach this hole you'll view an unfair match--a pack of undead creatures against a measly few Nazis.Stay up top until all of the Nazis are dispatched, letting the two feuding parties do as much damage as possible.O' Keefe as the young man who thinks there just might be something more to this old world than a New England farming community that has some strange ways is very touching in his performance.I'm not a big fan of these kind of horror novels and the films that come from them.


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