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Webmaster tools site performance not updating

Google Bot Page Download Time The "Fetch as Google" page shows a variety of metadata, with download time listed in milliseconds (ms).A generally acceptable page download time is under three seconds (3000ms).Google recently announced that they added more precise data in webmaster tools.The announcement highlighted the ability to track secure (https) versions of a site and also cast a light on a webmaster’s ability to track subdomains and subdirectories.If you have a need to create multiple versions in webmaster tools, then you also have a need for multiple sitemaps.The best way for you to implement that is via a Sitemap index.The best example of why you would segment your site like this relates to international versions of a website.

Within seconds (or milliseconds, if the site is speed optimized), the Fetch Status will be updated as shown below.

Regardless of which datasets you consider, site speed matters from both a customer-service and SEO perspective.

However, both half- and three-second rules only apply to end-users.

But for most webmasters, there is no need to verify each additional URLs you want to track.

Google will recognize that you have already verified the root domain and apply that verification when you add an https, subdomain or subdirectory.


  1. Webmaster Central Blog Official. Last year we relaunched an exciting feature in Webmaster Tools. We have not altered the way we calculate the numbers.

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