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Dating events philadelphia

Again, these activities are generally modestly priced. Different, carefully prepared dishes and excellent service at middle-of-the road prices. Entrees are –; attire falls somewhere between casual and dressed up.

Regardless of the sport, Philly Phans are bonkers for their teams.

• Take a guided tour through historic Philadelphia (.50).

See Chestnut Hill, then take in the Old City neighborhood.

There are about 15 major institutions near the city and another half dozen or so in surrounding areas. Listed among the top five romantic restaurants in the United States. Here are a few bars and nightclubs that couples love in Philly.

This affords you and your date some great opportunities to take in many different cultural and sporting events. On a 100-year-old ship that is over 300 feet long, with special ambiance and a wide selection of food and wines.


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