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Server side form validating numbers

The method will return a boolean value indicating whether the validation succeeded or not.

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Its main purpose is to provide users with a better experience.If you want your validator to support validating a value without a model, you should also override yii\validators\Validator::validate().You may also override yii\validators\Validator::validate Value() instead of ) when attaching validator.Behind the scene, yii\widgets\Active Form will read the validation rules declared in the model and generate appropriate Java Script code for validators that support client-side validation.When a user changes the value of an input field or submit the form, the client-side validation Java Script will be triggered.Similar to input data coming from end users, you should never trust client-side validation.For this reason, you should always perform server-side validation by calling yii\base\Model::validate(), as described in the previous subsections.For example, the inline validator above could be moved into new [[components/validators/Country Validator class.In this case we can use yii\validators\Validator::add Error() to set customized message for the model.Besides using the core validators included in the Yii releases, you may also create your own validators.You may create inline validators or standalone validators.



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