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I am just criticizing the Iphone 7 price which I find really absolutely bonkers; I'll take the SE for my taste and needs. I will bring my camera along because iphone 7's camera is not extremely great. And i also carry my music player because i don't think ip7 is a great music player. One thing not mentioned is a very interesting feature, which really works well if you also use i Cloud for your image storage: I've got over 100,000 photos also taken with other cameras, and scanned in.Heck, i even carry my torchlight with me too as i don't think ip7 is bright enough to shine through the million stars in the i also bring along a wireless keyboard to type into my cellphone because the on screen keyboard is too small.i am also thinking of carry a portable music player too. In the Photos app search for a phrase: snakes, airplane, flag, license plate; and almost instantly the matches will be shown.Judging by design, screen size and resolution, the new i Phone 7 Plus is nothing new.

While you spend your time here complaining on these forums, people younger than you are signing deals with major brands based on their Instagram portfolio shot entirely on their phones. It doesn't simply take the subject and blur everything else; It actually somehow measure depth and applies blur progressively as you'd get with 'proper' lens blur. It is also the only smartphone that can display that P3 color gamut.

At F1.8 the six-element lens in the wide-angle camera comes with a faster aperture than the 6s Plus and optical image stabilization is on board as well.

The 56mm 'tele'-lens has to make do without stabilization though, and uses a slower F2.8 aperture.

I fail to understand WHY Apple, renowned and respected for their products for creatives, decided this machine is O. I am gobsmacked by just how the pictures have, essentially, no detail resolution at all- worse, much worse than the N8, which with its bigger sensor can manage not merely to resolve hair and fine detail in portraits , but at base ISO manages to make the hair and textures recorded acceptably realistic- something never the case with an i Phone, and the lack of RAW processing merely adds insult to injury.

After comparing the i Phone 7 plus picture quality with the ones from my Sony RX100 M1, I am confident that I will spend my 0 to the RX100 M3 this holiday.


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