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Britten would compose several opera roles and song cycles for Pears, who in turn became the foremost interpreter and champion of Britten’s vocal music.Of their relationship, Pears’ niece, Sue Phipps, said: “They made a conscious decision to neither flout it nor ignore it.”Listen to Britten and Pears perform and discuss excerpts from (May 14, 1917 – d.When that friend died in a plane crash in 1937, both men volunteered to help move his possessions.That project would be the first of many between the two, marking the beginning of a professional and personal relationship that would last more than 40 years.January 30, 1963)The composer of a vast catalog of religious music, Poulenc once wrote to a friend, “You know that I am as sincere in my faith, without any messianic screamings, as I am in my Parisian sexuality.” Indeed, Poulenc was a lifelong Roman Catholic whose most lasting romantic relationships were with men.Though he fathered a daughter, Poulenc left behind more information about his gay relationships than his heteronormative ones. December 2, 1990)Though never outspoken on the subject, Copland felt little to no angst about his sexuality.

She had a number of infatuations with women throughout her life, including an unrequited love for Virginia Woolf.They would be together for nearly thirty years in a house they called Capricorn (also the name of Barber’s concerto for oboe, trumpet, flute, and strings).Later in life, the men’s relationship dissolved, contributing to Barber’s eventual creative drought and depression. December 4, 1976)Britten was introduced to tenor Peter Pears through a mutual friend.At one point, Leonard Bernstein pressured his mentor and friend to publicly come out.Copland wryly responded, “I think I’ll leave that to you, boy.”Listen to Copland’s (March 9, 1910 – d.Despite this painful chapter in his life, he remained social and outgoing, hosting lavish soirees—where he supposedly performed in drag on more than one occasion—and indulging in frequent travel to exotic locales in Northern Africa. November 6, 1893)Though the composer wrote about his sexuality at length in his letters to his brother Modest (also gay), Tchaikovsky’s immense fame and fear of flouting social convention precluded him from living openly with a male partner.Some have speculated that he might have pursued trysts in Algiers, then a popular destination for European homosexuals. Not unlike Saint-Saëns, his short-lived marriage to a younger woman, Antonina Miliukova, was a catastrophe. May 8, 1944)As to be expected from a pioneering female composer and suffragette, Smyth displayed a keen musicality and sense of social justice from a young age.He never went to great lengths to hide his relationships, most of which were with talented young men who ran in his cultural sphere.Nor did his homosexuality interfere with his success as a composer, though it may have contributed to his blacklisting during the Red Scare.He once dismissed King George II’s inquiries about his love life by insisting that he had no time for anything but music.However, what is undeniable is that Handel socialized in circles in which homosexuality was an open secret, from the Italian and German courts to his artistic cadres in London. Ellen Harris wrote about his private life in (October 9, 1835 – d.


  1. Jul 5, 2014. Many countries forbid advertising foreign or domestic surrogacy services and allow only what is known as altruistic surrogacy, in which the woman. nurse in Pennsylvania with two children who asked not to have her last name used to protect her privacy, delivered a baby, Nico, for two German men.

  2. Apr 27, 2017. Name Nicolaus Copernicus. German was Copernicus's first language, but some scholars believe that he spoke some Polish as well. In an attempt to reconcile such inconsistencies, Copernicus's heliocentric solar system named the sun, rather than the earth, as the center of the solar system.

  3. Jun 25, 2015. However, Lully's lack of discretion contributed to his downfall the King could not turn a blind eye to Lully's brazen liaisons with both men and women. Lully's affair with a handsome music page named Brunet eventually leaked to the general public, who literally sang about it in the streets of Paris. By the time.

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