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Types or radio dating

Documentation on Dodd's 1909 station is provided by that fact that Dodd entered his station (and photograph) into a Wireless Station Contest that was held each month by Modern Electrics magazine.

Most people don't even recognize this item as a wireless receiver because it is so primitive but the vintage photograph above shows M. Dodd at the controls of his prize-winning 1909 wireless station and the receiver is very obvious setting on the smaller table to the left.

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Dodd's station won First Prize and is featured in the June 1909 issue of Modern Electrics. The Tuning Inductance and Detector Stand are homebrew.

The larger coil is the Primary Inductance and the antenna and ground are connected to this coil.

The slider roughly tunes the antenna to resonance for whatever frequency it is desired to receive by reducing the number of turns in the primary and, depending on the connections, may short the "dead turns" to ground.

For the complete story on this amazing find, with lots of photos, go to the navigation link below and click on "M. Dodd's 1912 Wireless Station." These "Receiving Transformers" were generally called "Loose Couplers" and were used as the receiver's tuned circuit in many early stations.

Before 1915, most receivers and transmitters consisted of the various components placed (or mounted) on a table with inter-connecting wires to form the circuitry needed.


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