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Christian tweens dating

The older tweens had a different viewpoint than their counterpart on what they thought about dating.For many of the young ladies (ages 17-19), dating meant having a sense independence to make a conscious decision to date another young person.So much of what we gather and incorporate into our lives about relationships are the things modeled to us during our childhood and teenage years.Teenagers who witness healthy relationships tend to seek out healthy relationships in their own lives.The tables were turned for the older tween guys, they felt it was a prime opportunity to date multiple girls without restrictions. The girls had become more selective about their dating choices, whereas the guys were ready to sow their oats.

With so much change in such a short period of time, a huge gap has developed between how relationships were handled in the past to how they are approached today.

Okay, some of tweens presumed I was crazy until we spoke about the emotions and energy it takes to manage a relationship.

Some of the youths were astonished that there was so much more involved in dating and it was not all fun and games.

Girls who see their fathers loving and serving their mothers will look for those qualities in the boys they choose to date.

Boys who experience the affection and respect from their mom to their dad will be drawn to girls with those same characteristics.


  1. Christian Answers to Teen Questions about Faith, Life, Sex, Dating, Relationships, Fun.

  2. Jul 27, 2015. This is just my perspective in relationships and dating. There will be a part two of this video also. Social Media instagram- itskimsworld_ twitter- itskimsw.

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