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Most often, a male target is led to believe he has an opportunity for a romantic relationship or a sexual liaison with a woman, only to find that the woman is actually an intelligence operative.

Read an earlier exclusive NBC report on the Snowden documents.But the British cyber spies’ operations do not always remain entirely online.Spies have long used sexual “honey traps” to snare, blackmail and influence targets.JTRIG also uses “false flag” operations, in which British agents carry out online actions that are designed to look like they were performed by one of Britain’s adversaries.In connection with this report, NBC is publishing documents that Edward Snowden took from the NSA before fleeing the U. The documents are being published with minimal redactions.The journalist operation was never put into action, according to sources, but other techniques described in the documents, like the Ambassadors Reception computer virus and the jamming of phones and computers, have definitely been used to attack adversaries.In Afghanistan, according to the 2012 presentation, the British used a blizzard of text messages, phone calls and faxes to “significantly disrupt” Taliban communications, with texts and calls programmed to arrive every minute.The target is lured “to go somewhere on the Internet, or a physical location” to be met by “a friendly face.” The goal, according to the presentation, is to discredit the target.A “honey trap,” says the presentation, is “very successful when it works.” But the documents do not give a specific example of when the British government might have employed a honey trap.But intelligence officials defended the British government’s actions as appropriate responses to illegal acts.One intelligence official also said that the newest set of Snowden documents published by NBC News that describe “Effects” campaigns show that British cyber spies were “slightly ahead” of U. spies in going on offense against adversaries, whether those adversaries are hackers or nation states.


  1. NYT bombshell CIA gave $100k to shady Russian operative offering stolen NSA tools, Trump sex tape. Feb 10, 2018 pm. NYT bombshell CIA gave $100k to shady Russian operative offering stolen NSA tools, The New York Times reported the CIA paid a shady Russian operative $100,000 for stolen NSA tools and.

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